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Welcome to Sophie Burgess Jewellery We are a Plymouth based bespoke jewellery designer and maker.
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Bespoke jewellery manufacturer in Plymouth, UK

Sophie Burgess Jewellery

At Sophie Burgess Jewellery, we know that jewellery can make (or break) an outfit.  It’s about more than simply accessorising, it describes you and defines you.  A bespoke piece of jewellery makes a statement about you.  The subtle elegance of a Sophie Burgess piece shows your style and taste in a way that only hand made jewellery can.

Choose from our collections
We have a number of collections to choose from including ear rings, necklaces and bracelets, made from a variety of high quality materials in fashionable styles.

Something only for you
For a true statement piece, you can commission Sophie Burgess Jewellery to make any type of jewellery you desire.  Own something that you can be sure no one else will have.

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